Speaker Guidelines


Do upload the slides if you haven't done it already.
Please do note that there is a bug on the website which generates wrong links for the uploaded slides.

For example instead of following link ( with /sessions/ in the URL ):

Use a URL like this( without /sessions/ ):

If you have your slides uploaded your slides somewhere else ( like some wiki, github, your personal website etc. ), please do update the talk description and add a link for the same. It is important for the slides to be downloadable, as many of the attendees would want to refer them after the event.

For Talks:
For 1 hour slot here is the time breakup:
* 40 minutes for talk
* 10 minutes for question and answers
* 10 minutes for moving in between rooms

For Hackfest(s):
Update your hackfest description describing:
* List of tasks your hackfest will focus on.
* Instructions on how to setup the development environment.
( You wouldn't want to waste time in instructing participants on how to set it up. )
* Any other points that you think the participants will require to know.
Like the programming language, an aspect of technology, or any other pre-requisite.

  1. The delegates are likely to be primarily students and many will be new to free and open source software. Make talks accessible to this audience.
  2. Motivate people to get involved in hackfests and run ones associated with your talks if you can. We are dedicating the entire Sunday for them, Even if you do not get much participation, doing your free software work transparently is often inspiring.
  3. When you are asked any questions during your talk, repeat the question in the mic before answering them. We are planning to record talks and it would make it easier for anyone watching the videos later if you repeat the question.
  4. Delegates may be hesitant to ask questions. Encourage them to do so. Keep it casual.
  5. Use the general Fedora templates for presentations if you haven't already created one and make sure you have contact information (email address, irc nick etc added to them).
  6. If your organization is sponsoring your work, it is perfectly ok and even recommended that you give credit. However remember this is a free software technical conference and not a commercial or corporate event. Tailor your presentation accordingly.
  7. We are a free software and content focused community. Make available your slides under a standard free content license. We recommend creative commons attribute share alike (CC-BY-SA) license. In addition to your slides, make any "source" material available for your slides publicly. Merely PDF is not reusable. ODP or latex source material would be useful. If you use images publicly available under CC-BY-SA, don't forget to add credits to your presentation.
  8. Make sure you submit your talk and upload your presentation here.
  9. Be prepared to talk without slides. Projectors, power grid can go off without notice.
  10. It is required to blog about your experience at FUDCon. Refer Event Reporting Guidelines to ensure you cover the event as expected.
  11. Even though we are working to get a reasonable number of power outlets for charging laptops, ensure to recharge them completely at the hotel and be prepared to walk to a different talk room to get an unused charging slot.
  12. For electricity plug types and output voltage / current, refer https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mains_power_around_the_world.
  13. To help involve people who are participating remotely via IRC, identify someone before you start the talk to take notes on your talk and the Q&A sessions. These notes can be taken online in real-time on a site like http://openetherpad.org or on a blog post that's aggregated to Fedora Planet.
  14. Follow the Fedora motto and "Be excellent to each other". That means no rudeness, sexism etc. We are a community first and we will not hesitate to evict anyone who does not behave appropriately. If you have any concerns, bring up the issue to the organizers.
  15. Last but not the least, hallway conversations are often as important if not even more important than your talks. Hang around, talk to people and have fun!