kPoint ( ) meets the learning on
demand needs of organizations.

kPoint's value is*instant searchable rich-media presentations*recorded
in the form of kapsule.

kPoint makes it extremely easy to create these kapsules. These kapsules
are searchable, interactive and provide variety of ways to share them in
secure environment. The kapsules can integrate with the corporate
environment too.

This capability provides a powerful communication tool to the
customers. Sales, Support, Operations can easily generate the content
and diffuse it across the organization, partners and customers.
Training departments effectively use kPoint to train people.

kPoint leverages cloud to enable ease of use, leverages browser and
AdobeĀ® Flash for universal access.

kPoint is built on the top of the Fedora core distribution which
provides a very stable and
trusted platform for the product to serve the customers very efficiently
and reliably. The wide
adoption of Fedora distribution in the open source projects also enables
kPoint to use many
of such tried and trusted open source offerings to provide a
comprehensive solution to the
end customers.