FUDCon organizers from MITCOE

We would like to thank the following people from the MIT College of Engineering, Pune for helping make the FUDCon possible:

Chief Patrons

Prof. Dr. V. D. Karad, Founder Executive President, MAEER's MIT Pune
Prof. Rahul Karad, Vice-President, MAEER's MIT Pune


Prof. Dr. Mangesh Karad, Executive Director, MAEER's MIT Pune

Program Chair

Prof. Dr. R.V. Pujeri, Vice-Principal, MITCOE

Advisory Committee

Prof. Dr. A.S.Hiwale, HOD, IT Dept.
Prof. Dr. Mahesh Kolte, HOD, E&TC Engg.
Prof. Dr. B.S. Kothawale, HOD, Mechanical Engg.
Prof. Dr. Ramesh Dod, HOD, Civil Engg.
Prof. Dr. Shalini Garg, HOD, CEESc.
Prof. Rekha Sugandhi
Prof. Dr. Prachi Joshi
Prof. Amit Savyanwar
Prof. Anita Thengade
Prof. Jayshree Ghorpade


Prof. R. K. Bedi, HOD Computer Engg.

Chief Event Coordinator

Prof. Reena Pagare


Kailash Tambe

Organizing Committee

All faculty members of MAEER’s MITCOE Computer Department

Student Volunteers

Rajat Kamble
Sagar Ippalpalli